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If you’re as passionate about motorcycles as we are, then you’ll agree that motorbikes are not just a method of transportation. It’s that wave from a stranger on a fully-loaded GS 1150 passing you on a dirt track. It’s that Ducati rider sitting out front of a café checking out your Harley and asking where you’ve been. It’s your friends ringing up on a Saturday morning to convince you to come out for a ride.

Whatever the occasion or reason for riding; when you’re out on the road and you meet other bikers, you quickly realise that our shared experience and passion for bikes transcends all national, cultural, gender and social boundaries. Quite simply put… it’s a way of life!

What we want is to bring bikers together, to make it easier to meet and share those experiences and make new friends along the way. This is basically what Motortourer is all about.

What is Motortourer?

We are building the world’s largest online social community solely dedicated to bikers around the world who love the sense of freedom and adventure that riding motorbikes can bring.

It doesn’t matter what sort of bike you have and how long you ride for …you could be heading out for a few hours on your café racer or around the world on a Royal Enfield. Motortourer is a portal where we can share our stories, routes, pictures and videos and make new friends; as well as providing useful tools and apps for everything a biker needs on the road.

The idea is that, no matter where you are on your trip, you can always find a fellow Motortourer member for a coffee and a chat – or even a helping hand if your bike’s broken down. It’s a website that is practical, fun and easy to use…built by bikers, for bikers!

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