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Helmet and visor cleanliness is primarily about safety. You can’t bike safely if you can’t see! This helmet, plastered with bugs was featured recently on the Motortourer Facebook page and got dozens of cleaning suggestions.  Motortourer fan James McQuown’s plan was a ‘…hot wet towel draped over the helmet….letting the heat and moisture work for you without rubbing!’ And Motortourer fan Andy Aaron’s said ‘just chuck it in and get a new helmet!’

Here’s another recent Motortourer post from Facebook – many agreed that this was not an unusual sight, Motortourer fan Graham Allan Johnson posted “I do it all the time!” Even the CEO of Motortourer pleaded guilty, he too cleaned his helmet this way on his trips to Bosnia in 2009 (check out  the trip blog ‘Bosnia & Back’ on Motortourer too). There certainly are many opinions on helmet cleaning, and much depends on your helmet type, visor coating and your biking lifestyle.

We offer you 10 Tips for Clean Helmets:

  1.  Clean your helmet and visor as soon as possible; debris sitting for extended time requires more cleaning which invites scratching because dirt is a scuffing agent!
  1.  Make sure your cleaning cloth is clean. Dirt hidden in the cloth will scratch the visor and damage the paintwork.
  1.  Strip down your helmet; unscrew and remove base plates and inner linings, etc.
  1.  Lay out what you have removed in the same order that you need to put it back together!
  1.  Helmet manufacturers recommend washing the shield with warm water, mild soap, and a soft cotton washcloth.
  1.  Glass cleaners or any product containing ammonia can lift the visor’s anti-scratch coating.
  1.  Clean the shell of your helmet with a non-abrasive cloth and mild soap solution.
  1.  Avoid using petroleum based cleaning products, they can eat into the lifespan of your helmet.
  1.  Lubricate the working parts of your visor mechanism with silicon grease, and wipe off excess to prevent damaging your helmet.
  1.  When re-assembling, take the time to reposition your visor properly. Baseplates on most helmets are adjustable, treat it like suspension.

Your helmet is your most important accessory. Treat it right!