Motortourer Looks at 10 Tips For Motorcycle Newbies!


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We’ve all been there – the over-eager rookie with more enthusiasm than sense. But fear not. Motortourer has compiled a list of 10 tips for motorcycle newbies to help you become a bonafied biker in no time! From the obvious to insiders’ secrets, these 10 tips will help you get the most out of your motorcycle.

 1.  Don’t rush your license

While you’re raring to go, riding on L-plates is important.  OK., maybe not as cool as their bigger brothers, but  L-plates also help prompt other drivers to allow more space and time when learning.

 2. What Type of Bike?

Take into account your size, weight and fitness. Think about the reason you’re getting the bike – commuting, adventuring or purely in the pursuit of speed. Make sure you fit the bike well and you can handle it.

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3. Get kitted up

There are many options when it comes to gear – leather, textiles, kevlar – some kit is more suited to different types of bikes. Your helmet needs special consideration. Make it all comfortable for you!

4. Learn the basics

You should understand how your machine works. Learn online, use a Haynes manual or a hands-on mechanic course. Before-ride checks are key too (tire pressure, oil level, brake fluid, petrol, leaks and lights).

5. Pocket essentials

These are the tools you need to diagnose or fix minor problems with your bike. Include a tool kit spare key, air pressure gauge, multitool/pocket knife, flashlight, duct tape, tie wraps and earplugs.

6. Advanced riding course

Run by the police and road safety organisations, these courses are for bikers of any experience. They teach riders the correct stopping speeds, riding proactively, correct riding positions,  lane positions  and visibility.

7. Learn the motorcycle lingo

Bikers have their own terms of the trade, but if you want to impress them, check out the AMA Motorcyclist Glossary. Hand signals are important (and we’ll look at those in a later blog entry!)

8. Route Planning

Plan your route before with Motortourer Route Planning before you leave, whether major highways or back roads. When preparing your route, consider traffic flow and road conditions. Preparation is key in making the most of your trip! If you #ShareYourRoute in July or August 2015, you might even win a prize with it.

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9.  Ride with friends

Not only is riding together a good laugh, larger groups of motorcycles are more visible to other road users. And if you suffer an issue with your bike, there are friends to help out!

10. And finally, remember to have fun!

That’s what motorcycling is all about! Having fun on your bike provides and exhilaration that cars just can’t match!

We hope you take our 10 tips for motorcycle newbies to heart! And do share your tips with fellow bikers on – ride – share – connect!