Using Google Maps to Plan Your Next Trip


Converting Google Maps into a GPS Route

Google Maps is by far the most reliable and trusted mapping software out there. Wouldn’t it be great if you could implement this user-friendly interface into your Navman or TomTom? If you could convert Google Maps into a GPS Route, hassle free? Well, good news! Now you can! Motortourer has finally built a feature which allows you to create your route using Google Maps, and download it as a GPX file… in just one click!

How To Use the ‘Create a Route’ Function

First, you will have to become a member of the Motortourer community, if you aren’t already. To do this, just sign up with an email and password (it’s free). Once inside, you will see a grey tool bar on the left hand side of your screen. The icon in the middle should be your create a route function. Click on this, and press the blue ‘Add route’ button. Simply give your route a title, fill in some info like the date and description, and of course, mark out your route. Now just hit save!


This will take you to your saved route, which you can now download as a GPX file straight into your Navman or TomTom (or any well known navigation system, for that matter).
Now, just press the ‘Download GPX file’ button… too easy right?!
Download Gpx to convert Google Maps into GPS Route

But this isn’t the extent of Motortourer’s route function. What makes it really unique, is that it is personal. You are given the option to add your own pictures or videos taken along the route, as well as which motorcycle you took. Everything you do is shared within the biker-only community, essentially building a world-wide connection of motorcycle adventures and adventurers. You have the ability show-case your story to bikers, all across the world.
Route Screenshot Google Maps into a GPS file GPX

Already have routes on your GPS you would like to share with the Motortourer community?
You can also upload a GPX file, instead of marking it out with Google Maps.

To view a video tutorial on the create a route function, check out our YouTube Channel!

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