International Ride to Work Day 2015

Motortourer at Work and Play

So you may recall from our last article that today, 15th June, is International Ride to Work Day.

Well in celebration of this fact, we decided to give you photographic diary the daily life of the happy people here at To show that we live and breathe bikes each day.

0800 – 0900: Mingle at coffee machine and discuss weekend 

Motortourer International Ride to Work Day


0901 – 1000: Gather team, discuss weekend, drink coffee and talk about bikes and our cool website whilst looking busy…

Motortourer at Ride to Work Week

1000 -1030: more coffee…

1030 – 1200: do stuff on computers and tap keyboards

Motortourer International Ride to Work Day 2015!

Sara does stuff to make the website look pretty

Motortourer Ride to Work Week

Piotr taps keyboard and makes the website do stuff

Motortourer website International Ride to Work day

Victor adds ones and zeros into the computer to make things work.

Motortourer social media Ride to Work Week

Tyson drinks coffee and chats to people on the internet

Motortourer International Ride to Work Day 2015

Ben & Paul call each other on the phone and continue discussing bikes and cool stuff.

1200 – 1300: Lunch and exercise

Motortourer sport Ride to Work Day

1300 -1700: Work on bikes 

Motortourer maintenance Ride to Work Week


1700 onwards: dream of motorcycles for inspiration for tomorrow…

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