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Kicked off by International Ride to Work Day on Monday 15th June 2015, Ride To Work Week has come around once again and motorcyclists are preparing to don their gear and commute on 2 wheels instead of 4.

The annual week-long event aims to encourage more people into motorcycling, and to show the positive effects that commuting on a bike can have. Originally started in Britain 24 years ago, the event is now gaining attention throughout Europe. Especially here in Holland – which, although the country is as flat as a pancake; has an active motorcycle community!

In the UK, Ride to Work Week, is organised in conjunction with the Get On Campaign and the Motorcycle Industry Association, and spans from Monday 15th – Sunday 21st June.

Here in Holland, our friends at Moto73 are promoting International Ride To Work Day with the simple message that more people on motorbikes = less traffic congestion. Better for everyone! Dutch and Belgian bikers can register for this on their Facebook event page.

Viktor pretending to ride BMW motorcycle on ride to work day

Above: Viktor of Motortourer taking “Ride To Work Day” to the next level. Tyson in the background is still waiting for his license…

The UK has seen an increase of motorcycles on the road of 75% since 1995. There are now 1.3 million registered bikers, but the number of motorcycle commuters is much smaller. Whether you ride a Harley or a Hyosung, a Scooter or a Sportsbike, the team behind the ride to work week want you to get aboard and find out what riding to work can change for you.

They have presented a number of proven reasons to ride to work (and not only on Ride To Work Day):

  • Reducing time: first of all, the time spent commuting is vastly reduced on 2 wheels – filtering between traffic becomes a legal and time-saving part of the journey (but not in all countries).
  • Saving money: The fuel bill also decreases due to running a much smaller engine, and idling for less time in traffic.
  • Less traffic jams: for every person who decides to commute on 2 wheels, another car is removed from the endless lanes of congestion – imagine if a quarter of drivers took to a bike, that would be a quarter less commuting time for everyone else!
  • Environmentally savvy: less fuel means less pollution…pretty simple really.
  • Fun: most importantly, riding to work puts the fun back into the daily commute. How often do you see a smiling driver sat in a queue, or a hurried worker grinning as they rush onto the train? No matter the weather, nor the destination, riding a motorcycle is exhilarating and can improve a rider’s mental outlook, leaving them feeling energized and happy…
  • Karma: this one we actually made up ourselves… We all know that bikers are happy people in general. Well happiness is infectious and the more people that ride bikes, then the happier place the world will be!

Are you riding to work coming Monday? Do share the fun with us! And post pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and on Twitter too, while you’re at it. Use #ridetoworkday2015, so we can find each other.

What better a way to start a day of work?