Anthony Kiedis’s All-Black, Custom Harley-Davidson


Red Hot Chili Pepper’s front man Anthony Kiedis on his custom designed Harley – Davidson

At we know that the personality of the biker is extended to his or her motorcycle. That’s why when you fill out your personal profile on Motortourer you also get to fill out your motorcycle’s profile, sharing its brand, model, power and all the details that make it your cherished biking partner! So it was interesting when we heard that celebrity biker Anthony Kiedis, lead singer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, has been regularly seen cruising on his new customized Harley. What kind of modifications would the co-founder and lead singer of one of the biggest rock bands in the world look for, when he can have any motorcycle he wants?


In a blog entry from the Roland Sands Designs (RSD) company, they report that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Kiedis called them, saying that he wanted a new bike modified. “When [Anthony] tells you he writes all his songs on his bike while he’s listening to the tracks on the sound system,” it makes you wonder just where that job will go!


Anthony Kiedis at Roland Sands Designs, checking out the redesign and modification work on his bike

RSD stripped the Harley down to the frame as it spent most of its life on the Malibu Coast. Then they reached out to the experts at Bennett’s Performance to rebuild the gloss black motor from the ground up, which was then slathered in RSD Black Ops engine covers.  Actually, Anthony wanted the bike all blacked out, so the Black Ops theme was carried throughout the job. And that imperative sound system? It received an upgrade by the audio experts at Kicker Audio!


After all the modifications, RSD said that “Hopefully the bike keeps Anthony inspired to continue entertaining us…!” Well – if Anthony rides his bike anything like he performs on stage – we know he’ll be on the road riding with passion!  But we wonder what new songs will come from the experience?


Images compliments of Roland Sands Design