Meet Kyle Reynolds, the Man Bringing Motorcycling to Jamaica

Kyle Reynolds is a man of many talents. A pilot, a biker, and the go-to-man when it comes to the trails and tracks across Jamaica’s Blue Mountains.

From his shop located on Olivier road, Kingston, he runs the multi-faceted Irie Racing. The modest, matt black building, adorned with the Rastafarian colours includes a garage and parts shop, specialising in enduro and motocross racing.

Kyle Reynolds; Jamaica’s Best Kept Biking Secret

Kyle working on a bike in the garage at Irie Racing. Photo: Katherine Thomson

Unfortunately, using motorcycles for anything but transport is almost unheard of in Jamaica, as the 32-year-old explains:

“Motorcycling is a niche market in Jamaica – the average Jamaican person doesn’t know what enduro is.  They may have a dirt bike, but they won’t ride far into the mountains, they’d rather just wheelie it down the road.”

Kyle himself races both dirt bikes and sportbikes on tracks across the island which he has helped build and maintain – racetracks that are completely free to ride.

Kyle Reynolds; Jamaica’s Best Kept Biking Secret

Kyle, on the right, racing his Kawasaki zx6r on track in Jamaica. Photo: Irie Racing

Coming from a family of flyers, it was whilst at flight school in Florida that he discovered his passion for motorcycle racing, and so he took a departure from his original career path in order to follow his passion.  But now he wants to leave the technical side behind – or downsize at least – in order to focus on his enduro tours through the mountain range known as the ‘spine of Jamaica’.

Kyle Reynolds; Jamaica’s Best Kept Biking Secret

Riding through the Blue Mountains. Photo: Kyle Reynolds

Ranging from day trips to week-long adventures, these tours show riders the side of Jamaica rarely experienced by foreigners. Lushious green trails through coffee plantations become cliffside dirt tracks overlooking the sparkling turquoise seas of the north coast. Overnight accommodation for the duration of these tours comes in the form of small hostels, run by friendly locals who provide authentic Jamaican food and entertainment.

Kyle estimates that he has hosted about 20 of these tours over the last few years, with bikers coming from all over the world – Sweden, France and the UK, to name just a few.

‘Celebrity’ guests have included the Canadian ISDE (International Six Day Enduro) team, and the organisers of the Bike Shed custom motorcycle events.

Kyle Reynolds; Jamaica’s Best Kept Biking Secret

Kyle has a fleet of Honda XRs and CRs for riders to rent. Photo: Katherine Thomson

The tours vary from 2 to 8 riders, and Kyle begins by assessing their individual capabilities on roads close to Kingston, before heading out into the open mountains. From there, the direction is up to the rider, some choose to stick to the public ‘roads’ – winding dirt tracks which barely classify as such – whereas other go for the single-track enduro rides which require an extremely high level of riding skill.

Kyle’s tours are no walk in the park. Designed for bikers who want to ride across some of the best, albeit toughest terrain the Caribbean has to offer, they are all inclusive packages which begin from the moment the guests step off the plane. Everything is covered – bikes, accommodation and food – although riders are expected to bring their own protective gears as, Kyle explains ‘they know that they’re coming to ride’….


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