Adventure motorcyclists Naomi and Alberto (Motolara) make camp on their Peru trip


The road less traveled was calling motorcyclists Naomi and Alberto, and they have been posting their Peruvian biking experiences on Their excursion through Peru really started back in 2011 with a bike trip that just didn’t go so well. Naomi says “things went a bit pear shaped once we arrived in Peru”. They were determined to return for a second trip, so this year, armed with new bikes, they mapped out all the places they were unable to visit the first time. They couldn’t do it all, but they settled on a plan to “ride as many awesome roads as we can.” Yes, they had some unfinished business to attend to!


With their lists of essentials set, and their new bikes, they were ready for the challenge of the steep hills and tough terrain. Alberto’s bike is aptly named “Chasqui” – Incan for messenger who ran through the mountains of the Inca Empire. Naomi named her bike “Apu,”  Incan for spirit of the mountain.  Look over their trip details and multiple entries on (and more on and add your own route to the community this summer. Time to kick it into gear!

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Image by Alberto Lara, via