Peterborough Twisties, Ontario

Sharing an awesome ride with others means a lot to me. Peterborough twisties has got to be my favorite ride close to home in Peterborough Ontario, Canada. The most fun I had by far in 2014 was going up into the Haliburton Highlands and getting ‘lost’! When riding I lose all sense of time, I only really knew how long we have been out by how much is in my tank. This part of Ontario is beautiful. I love nature and wildlife, there are so many lakes you are nearly always passing one, there are views that you could stare at for hours and never get bored. Ospreys are a common sight, it’s amazing to see them dive down to the water and pick out a poor unsuspecting fish for dinner!

Peterborough Twisties

Along the way there are little towns to ride through and many places to stop for a rest. Butter tarts are usually available in abundance and are totally delicious! Everywhere you stop you will meet lovely, friendly Canadians.

Peterborough Twisties motorcycles

I ride with my partner (BIG on Motortourer) and together we explore. Me on my ’92 Kawi Zephyr (left) and him on his ‘12 Kawi Versys 1000 (right). Riding season here is about April to October depending on the temperature. Some hardy people (like us) start earlier and finish later. Our last ride of 2014 was in late November. My old bike is usually a conversation starter. She’s in very good shape and seems to bring a bit of nostalgia to the locals!

One particularly memorable ride was spent seeing how far my bike would take me on one tank of gas. Being an old girl she has a pretty small tank, and the accuracy of the petrol gauge is questionable! I know from talking to other classic bike owners that a petrol gauge can be considered a luxury, but I’m not sure how much of a luxury it is if you haven’t got much confidence in it. The only thing to do was to see how far she would go!

Peterborough Twisties refill

We set off and filled up, also filling a small gas can and carrying it with us. I was expecting to make it about 160km or so, maybe a bit more. We headed fairly far North and after about 180km I was ready for the bike to conk out. I still wasn’t on the reserve tank but the gauge was showing the tank was empty. Well, she surprised me, we made it about 200km and then decided to stop and give our bums a rest. My old girl outlasted our arses and the go pro battery!

Peterborough Twisties Route

This route brings together all my favorite roads in the area; it starts and finishes at Muddy’s Pit BBQ in Keene, ON, an awesome place to finish up after a day in the saddle! You will probably meet some other bikers there and be able to share stories – but beware – Muddy’s is closed on Mondays! My favorite meal is their pulled pork sandwich, it tastes so good with their special recipe sauce!

Peterborough Twisties Muddy's Pit BBQ

The roads on this trip are nearly always empty and the tarmac is great. I have chosen them because they are curvy and fun to ride, most have incredible views and have some brilliant places to stop off. The last time we rode this route it took about 6 hours with one or two stops along the way. I also like photography so we often stop for a nice view and take a few snaps. The route in autumn is absolutely breathtaking – Canada is such a beautiful country in the fall. Another thing I love is that you can add your own detours wherever you like, there is so much to see!

You can find the exact route and download the GPX file here.

Along the route you will probably see a lot of other bikers out if it’s a fine day, the 507 in particular is popular with local riders. If you’re an international visitor don’t forget to do the ‘biker wave’ with your left hand when you pass one coming the other way.

Peterborough Twisties road

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Maplewood Wayside Chapel is not far from the route, if you would like to check it out head West on the 620 and look out on the right. A large cross erected at the side of the road gives away its position. The Chapel was built in 1967 and is open throughout much of the year. I visited it this winter and took some photos in the snow. Inside it seats nine people, sadly it had a bit of a hole in the wall near the roof and when I looked through the window it looked like some of the ceiling had come down. Hopefully not too much damage will have been done and it will get fixed up in the spring.

Peterborough Twisties Maplewood Wayside Chapel

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The great thing about this route is that there are plenty of places to stop off for a little stretch of the legs and some light refreshment. However, by far the best thing is the ride itself, some wonderful twisty roads, fantastic views and gorgeous scenery.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. You are more than welcome to add me as a friend on ‘LongHairedLass’. Also follow me on Twitter, you’ll find my blog at Thanks for reading!

Oh, and one more thing… Canada is awesome!

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