Motorcycle Clubs on Motortourer

Are you a member of a club? Perhaps you would like to join one, but can’t decide which? We are proud to claim that we are the only website offering motorcycle clubs a dedicated online platform with loads of biker-tools. We have the tools to engage and interact with your club members, as well as manage your club and make your club visible to other bikers who might be interested in joining.

motorcycle clubs on motortourer

The Motortourer benefits:

  • Keep up to date with what’s going on in the club. If a club invites you to an event, it will appear on your own profile’s personal calender.
  • Participate in club discussions, ask questions, or just show off your bike via the club message board or group chat.
  • Subscribe to your club, by having your clubs activity fed directly into your news feed.
  • Explore all media taken by the club and it’s members in the club library.
  • Share and create your routes, POIs and travel blogs all within the club.
  • Organise events for your club, and invite club members.

Want to check out how it works? Click here for an example club page.

Affiliations & Networks

Are you affiliated with brands or Associations? You can show this when creating your club page. For example, you may recall that we recently launched our cooperation the the British Motorcyclists Federation. If you’re a BMF club, then you can link your club page to the BMF’s own community on Motortourer and keep up to date on all the latest news and BMF events.

Is your club part of a larger network, organisation or even a motorcycle brand? Then get in touch with us at and let us know – so we can contact them and try to get your own customised affiliation network started for your organisation!

motorcycle clubs on motortourer

Special Offer –  Free Club Page for Life!

OK – so you’re convinced that this is a good idea? GREAT! Because we are committed to promoting motorcycle clubs and would love to help clubs attract more members, we are making a limited offer that we think you’ll like…

If you register your club by the 31st October 2015, then your club page will be 100% free for life. The only requirements are:

  1. Your Motortourer club page must have a minimum of 10 members
  2. Your club page must have a profile picture plus a cover picture
  3. You’re a motorcycle club – not a “gang”. For us it’s about the bikes.

Don’t forget to share this with all your friends and other motorcycle clubs. The more people who join our community, then the more we all get out of it. Together we can build the best online community for bikers!

Read more about clubs here.