Ben de Boer, Behind the Scenes of

Ben de Boer

We introduced you to Ben de Boer earlier on the Blog, featuring Ben’s fascinating story and laser focus on the Motortourer community. Here’s another video interview (from Rotterdam, where Ben resides) providing more insight into building the platform, one that’s authentic and dynamic. It’s a far cry from his years as a Legal Eagle in Australia, Great Britain and The Netherlands, practicing commercial law for over 10 years. “Although I enjoyed it and was good at it, I never fit the ‘true lawyer’ model…people would often tell me “you don’t look like a lawyer” which I guess was correct!”


Then an idea sparked “…on a trip through Eastern Europe, in Transnistria, a small ex-Soviet breakaway state of Moldova.” Ben got pulled over by police four times in one day for fabricated offenses and fines, costing him time and cash each time. “I started thinking how good it would be to meet a fellow biker and have a more positive experience, learning from the people that live there.” The initial concept of Motortourer was ignited, feuled by his passion for biking, traveling and making friends! it was an idea he just couldn’t get away from….maybe he was thinking back to his days as a kid – “avoiding school and spending days swimming in the river near my home…!” –  but the Motortourer idea “…just got bigger and bigger in my head…I had to stop being a lawyer…I had to get out and do this!”


Now what motivates Ben is meeting other bikers, hearing their stories and seeing their pictures. “For the first time in a long time I look forward to coming into work each morning!” Working with the Motortourer team, who hail from accross the globe, makes it all possible. “We all get a kick out of it, but we realize there’s a lot of hard work still to go…” He’s 41 years old and getting younger all the time, building the very best biking platform that’s dedicated to the details. Details that include a Bike Profile as well as Rider Profile when you sign up! Ben routinely scanns new member profiles and activity, “…every morning I’m looking at just who’s joined up. I see them using it, and I get a big buzz out of that!”

Ben de Boer

On the road he keeps meeting bikers, soaking in global perspective. There aren’t many places in the world he hasn’t seen, from joining the Royal Australian Navy at 17 years old to following his “dream to travel the world” on his bike. It’s exciting to see that energy translate accross national, cultural, gender and social boundaries. Now that’s what makes Ben Roll!