Motortourer is Proud Sponsor of KU e-Racing

Motortourer and KU e-Racing Join Forces!

Motortourer is very pleased to announce its sponsorship of the KU e-Racing team! This team is made up of international students from Kingston University, UK, who build and race their own electric motorbike. Over the last couple of years they have competed in the Isle of Man TT Zero races, resulting in several awards and podium places, and they will continue to do so in 2015. The ‘Electric Race Bike Project’ started back in 2008, when engineering lecturer Paul Brandon decided to take part in the first TT XGP race; a race for alternative energy bikes at Isle of Man. Ever since, the team has changed and the bikes have been updated and further developed; and not without merit! Some of the highlights include the award of ‘Fastest UK University’ in the Isle of Man TT Zero race in 2012 and the ‘Best Endeavour’ award during the same event in 2014. This year the team has joined forces with the university’s Electric Formula Student Team, the electric car racing team of Kingston University, and now the team is known as the KU e-Racing team with the bike called ‘The Ion Horse’. As young engineers, the students recognise the potential of new ideas, so improving The Ion Horse is an on-going process. One of the things the team is currently focusing on is a new aerodynamic fairing design. If everything goes as planned, the bike with the new fairing will attempt to break its own UK Land Speed Record for electric motorbikes. Of course, we will keep you up to date about these developments.

As a student team, the students are not only responsible for building a competitive bike, but also for finding financial resources. With the sponsorship from Motortourer, it is now possible for the team to spend more time and effort on building the bike, but also to schedule several testing days before the start of the Isle of Man TT.

KU e-Racing

As from our side, we are very excited about the sponsorship as well. We see the same attitude in the KU e-Racing team as we find within the Motortourer team: dedication, ambition and a passion for motorbikes! Ben de Boer, founder of Motortourer, about the sponsorship: ‘First and foremost we loved the team and loved the bike! They don’t have the budgets of the “big brand” bikes, but they have built an impressive bike with the support and dedication of a great team…basically they embody the pioneering spirit of the earliest motorcycle racers. They dare to challenge at the highest level with faith in their bike and its rider, Shaun Anderson.’

In the run-up to the Isle of Man TT Zero, we will continue to follow the team. Keep an eye out for this page, as next time we will give you all the insights into The Ion Horse, the rider, and the other team members. In the mean time, you can visit their website at

Best Regards,

The Motortourer Team